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Dryer Repair, Raleigh NC

Dryer Repair, Raleigh NC

Dryers are one of Brendan’s favorite type of appliance to repair. If your dryer is acting up, Brendan would be honored to repair it for you.  He carries many common dryer parts on his truck, with the goal to fix your dryer on his first visit to your home, if possible!

What are the symptoms of your dryer?

Is your dryer taking too long to dry your clothes? There are several possible causes for dryers that do not dry. A dryer needs three things to work – tumble, heat, and air flow. If any one of those is missing, your clothes will not dry properly. 

Most of the time, the issue has something to do with heating. This could be due to a thermostat, heater, control board, or a handful of other issues. 

Failure to dry can also be due to lack of airflow – which is dangerous and can possibly lead to a house fire. With no airflow, the heat builds up in your dryer and risks catching the lint and your clothes on fire. Fifteen thousand house fires a year have been linked to lack of airflow in the home’s dryer. 

Does your dryer make grinding or squealing noises? It is time to call a repair technician – something is seriously wrong with your dryer. The drum may not be turning properly. Discontinue using it, as the issue can get worse and cause additional damage to your dryer motor. 

Dryer Repair Warning:

WARNING: Working on dyers can be dangerous, or even deadly. Dryers function on higher voltage than most other household appliances. The best thing to do is call ARK Appliance Repair to properly diagnose and repair your dryer. 

Brendan has repaired thousands (truly! We have done the math!) of dryers in the Raleigh area during his six plus years of experience. He will be able to quickly diagnose the issue, whatever it is, and find a solution. If you live in the Raleigh, Knightdale, Wendell, Garner, and Clayton areas, contact ARK Appliance Repair today for an appointment! 

Repair Stacked Washer Dryer

ARK Appliance Repair specializes in Whorlpool, Kenmore, Maytag, Samsung, LG, Crosley, Roper, GE, and Frigidaire dryers. These include stand alone dryers, stackable dryers, and laundry centers. Top load and front load dryers, both gas and electric.

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